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Personal Identity

State Hermitage Youth Educational Center


The technological progress of recent years has strengthened the ties between humanity and technology, machines and artificial intellect, and made the interaction between organic and synthetic life more intimate. People and machines learn from each other with the help of neural networks. People’s consciousness undergoes certain changes. They develop a different outlook on the notions of life and death, moral problems of scientific experiments, territorial and virtual boundaries, tracking systems and total digital control. Personalities surrounded by a mirror cube of social networks hide behind their avatars and continue to exist in their accounts even after death. If you are absent from social networks, does it mean that no one knows about your existence, or is it a way of avoiding media control? The preservation of memory and transfer of information onto a digital database, and the fast development of artificial intellect and its humanization makes us face the inevitable question of personality identification. Who are we? What is our future going to be like? This program is dedicated to a contemplation of these problems by modern artists.

Curated by Victoria Ilyushkina

Emma Bayer – Incorporeal (03:16, 2018, Russia)
Masha Godovannaya – Laika. The Last Flight (04:30, 2017, Russia)
Mascha Danzis – Saints’ Nicknames (03:45, 2018, Germany)
Gioula Papadopoulou – Fall (01:51, 2018, Greece)
Summer McCorkle – Psychogeography (07:00, 2018, USA)
Mahta Hosseini – Wherever I am, let me be; the sky is mine (01: 29, 2018, Iran)
Citron | Lunardi – Back up My Memories (03:00, 2018, Italy)
Necko – Random (00:30, 2018, Spain)
Di Hu – Urban Sculptures (06:00, 2017, China)
Marisa Benito – Ductiles (02:43, 2018, Spain)
Virginia Lee Montgomery – Cut Copy Sphinx (03:30, 2018, USA)
Joe Hambleton – Stasis in Flux (05:00, 2018, Canada)
Bram Lattré – Il Muro Cattivo (06:23, 2016, Belgium)
Yanina Chernykh – Cap of Invisibility (01:43, 2017, Russia)
Vladimir Abikh – God is With Us (01:35, 2018, Russia)
Elena Artemenko – Game (08:12, 2018, Russia)
DVENEODNA – How and What I Remember (02:46, 2018, Russia)
Reza Masoud – Everything is Under Control (05:30, 2018, Iran)
Marina Blinova – Who is the Player? (05:44, 2018, Russia)
Nataliya Lyakh – Untitled 2 (00:30, 2017, Russia–France)
Sid Iandovka, Anya Tsyrlina – Horizōn (07:35, 2019, Russia–Switzerland–USA)
Almagul Menlibayeva – Buttreflies of Aisha bibi (10:00, 2010, Germany-Kazakhstan)

Palace square 6–8
The exhibition is entered from the Palace square through the museum zone of the General Staff Building. Open during project’s work hours.

Almagul Menlibayeva ©, 2010. Courtesy American-Eurasian Art Advisors LLC