MASBEDO (Italy), Fragile, single channel video (still), 2016 © MASBEDO & Galleria Sabauda

November 13–15
Exhibition project ID

Kazu Yanagi (Japan), Livepaining, 2019
MASBEDO (Italy), Fragile, 2016

Curated by Elena Gubanova (Russia), Anna Frants (Russia–USA), Valentino Catricalà (Italy)

Kirochnaya st. 8b
Mon-Sun: 12:00 – 20:00
Free admission

Kazu Yanagi (Japan)
painting, 2019

The artist has been performing live painting for 50 years, building his practice around ideas of Chi energy (universal energy) and putting himself in a neutral state of body and mind, focusing on the surrounding environment and then sharing the energy through the means of giant canvas. On the 13th  of November, at the Cyberfest opening, he will hold an improvised performance accompanied by musicians. Viewers will then be able to see the paintings created during this performance.

video, 2016

Courtesy MASBEDO, Galleria Sabauda (Turin, Italy), In Between Art Film (Italy) and Sammlung Wemhöner (Germany) A young man visits the museum halls with a peacock walking among the masterpieces of antiquity, against a backdrop of architectural splendour. The presence of the peacock underlines the essential precariousness of the living animal. The old bird, object of the care of its master, is a metaphor of the combination of a faded vanity and the eternal journey into beauty, a trip defined by Rainer Maria Rilke as "the tremendous at its beginning." The fragility of art, which the title of the work refers to, engages the observer's gaze and warns of the necessity to provide protection for art and cultural heritage as a form of resistance to time and carelessness of humanity.